The Becker Family Foundation



About Us

An aspiring professional musician faces years of education and training before becoming viable in their chosen profession. In a culture that celebrates technology and business, it is heartening to know there are those willing to make the personal sacrifice and investment pursuing the fine arts.
The Becker Family Foundation was formed to help perpetuate the creation of fine string music. We know the gift of music is realized at an early age. We know that talent and ambition is non-discriminating. Our purpose is to help remove those barriers preventing our young students’ earnest development. The Foundation cannot do everything for the student, but we can help. We have a host of programs designed to assist students and their families, which include services and funding for violin, viola, and cello string instrument education, research, and performances benefitting artists, listeners, and learners. The Foundation, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization, relies solely on donations from generous supporters.